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Landscaping in Adelaide

If you are looking for a complete landscaping solution in Adelaide, then you have come to the right place. At Thompson Landscaping, our main aim is to turn your landscaping dream into reality. To achieve this, we take it upon ourselves to talk directly with you, the client. It is very important we find out from you, what you like, what you don’t like and what you need from your new landscape. With style, functionality and budget in mind, we draw up plans for your outdoor area that will suit your specific requirements.

What sets us apart from our competition is our ability to produce a complete landscaping solution. Not only do we provide traditional landscaping services, including, lawns, plants, retaining walls and paving, but we also deliver a range of pool services. From pool coping, to pool tiling to complete pool resurfacing, our professional team does it all. Our ultimate purpose is to transform your outdoor area into a place the looks great and one you want to spend time in.

We are the experts in all things landscaping in Adelaide. Our team provides a complete landscaping solution, specialising not only in landscaping but pool tiling, pool resurfacing and pool coping in Adelaide.

Our Professional Landscapers from Adelaide

When you choose Thompson Landscaping, you can be assured you are choosing a team you can trust. Customer satisfaction is our upmost priority and we strive to ensure we deliver the highest quality service at an affordable price. At the forefront of our team is Iszac Thompson, who is a qualified builder that holds a certificate 111 in Horticulture. With eight years of experience in the landscaping industry under his belt, Iszac leads a team of professional landscapers from Adelaide.

Professional Landscaping Services in Adelaide

Our team of landscapers from Adelaide are multi-skilled and each bring with them a range of diverse skills and experiences thanks to their involvement in a variety of different projects. Being skilled in both landscaping and pool services allows our team to completely transform your outdoor area and deliver a place you’ve you’ve always visioned. If you wish to find out more about our landscaping services in Adelaide, please give us a call on 0409 679 667.